Basildon Crematorium Bowers Gifford

Following the successful completion of the second chapel and bereavement suite at the west Suffolk crematorium, the Westerleigh Group awarded Boshers a second project in Basildon.
The project comprises of two phases, a new second chapel and welcome building. Phase one was completed on time and handed over in early November 2018. Phase two works commence in the spring of 2019. Much like West Suffolk, the phases are undertaken in a sequence that allows the continued operation of the existing crematorium.

The project comprises of the following works.

Phase 1: Construction of the new second chapel, associated drainage, car parking, new access road, new floral tribute area and upgrade of existing access roads.
Phase 2: Demolition of existing porte cochere, waiting room and construction of new exposed timber clad welcome building and new porte corchere. Alterations to existing offices, associated drainage and upgrade of existing car parking areas.

CLIENT: Crematorium Management Limited
PROJECT: Basildon Crematorium